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Touches Dark

Quick Customized Design For Print T-shirt Streetwear Explorer!

Our Mission: To make trendy t-shirts showcase individuality and to make originality stand out from the crowd


Touches Dark

Quick Customized Design For Streetwear Explorer!

Embrace your individuality and customize your exclusive dark fashion choices.


Touches Dark

Quick Customized Design For Streetwear Explorer!

Create a unique dark print vintage wash t-shirt streetwear style by opting for customized clothing.


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Dark Fashion Streetwear T-Shirt Design Style

Quick Customized Service

Customize Your Vintage Washed T-Shirt Solutions

We provide completely customized and personalized textile solutions from the initial design concept to the finished garment.

Custom clothing manufacturing (OEM), FPP (full package production), CMT production, sample making, labeling, fabric production, sublimation, screen printing, packing, and delivery are all part of our services.

Custom Dark Fashion Streetwear Manufacturers

At its core, streetwear is about mixing comfort and practicality with self-expression.

Your ideal streetwear manufacturers should be able to create clothes that embody comfort, functionality, and self-expression. It’s easy to recognize these three core features of any streetwear piece once you see the finished product. A free sample can be sent to you to check quality, just let us know your needs.

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Quality Management

Production Process for High-Quality Custom Print Vintage Washed T-Shirts

We only use the highest quality fabrics and accessories to produce our clothes, ensuring that each garment has exceptional comfort and durability.

Our custom clothing goes through the following production checks:

  • Raw material inspection
  • Cutting quality inspection
  • Sewing quality inspection
  • Processing technology inspection for accessories, embroidery, printing, etc.
  • Finished product quality inspection
  • Packaging quality inspection

Our in-house factories and robust supply chain management system ensure that every piece of clothing meets the highest standards.

Touches Dark Brand Value

Shine In The Dark

Values: Innovation, individuality, and growing together

Everyone has the right to pursue their dreams. As the night falls and the stars twinkle in the sky, Touches Dark Brand is dedicated to providing a unique way for brave dreamers to express themselves. Like the brightest star in the night sky, we aim to be a firm supporter and encourager of everyone who is chasing their dreams. Our designs are inspired by mysterious, supernatural, and terrifying elements, representing the darkness and challenges of life. We believe that it is only by overcoming this darkness and challenges that we can truly achieve our dreams. So, do not let any difficulties or obstacles stop your journey. Let us all become the brightest stars in the night sky, shining our unique light!

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Touches Dark Designer

Jack: The Key to Touches Dark's Success

About Touches Dark

We Specialize In Large Scale Personalization And Internationalization.

In the world of fashion, taste, mood, nature, and color count a lot and this is where we stand out. Touches Dark designs and produces goods to suit your taste and mood, with natural colors that come with originalities.

We have our factories in Hubei and Guangdong, strictly following standardized production processes and utilizing a complete BPM system, including processes such as order handover, production planning, quality inspection, product release, and emergency problem handling.

Over the past decade, we have continuously innovated and improved our production processes to ensure the production of the highest quality custom clothing.

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