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Custom Dark Streetwear Manufacturer

Touches Dark

Professional Dark Style Streetwear Manufacturer

We are a manufacturer of dark style streetwear and we specialize in customized wholesale merchandise for various brands, musicians, fashionistas and other producers.

Custom Dark Streetwear Manufacturer

Touches Dark

Streetwear Manufacturer for Startup Brands

Committed to developing your apparel line through a one-stop shop starting with design assistance.

Custom Dark Streetwear Manufacturer

Touches Dark

Unlimited Customization Options to Unleash Your Ideas

Choose the design, fabric, and craftsmanship you want to realize your creativity, and we'll provide a full range of services to help you.


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About Touches Dark

Under the trend of personalization and differentiation, customization is not only a means of attracting consumers but also a bond of emotional resonance with them. Touches Dark, as a customization expert in the field of dark streetwear, focuses on serving those brands that are brave enough to express themselves, are not willing to be ordinary, and advocate the aesthetics of the niche. From the carefully crafted design sketches to the seamless production process to the one-of-a-kind packaging, we prioritize the customer experience and ensure that every aspect of the process touches the heart. Combining cutting-edge technology with industry insights, Touches Dark helps brands exceed market expectations and create a compelling and unique identity.

Touches Dark's Exhibition Tour

August 2024 Exhibition in Russia

Extensive Clothing Custom Options

As a streetwear manufacturer, Touches Dark's specialty is woven products, from stylish jackets and stiff shirts to versatile pants and sweaters to keep you warm. We also have a unique design sensibility, creating original and distinctive designs by combining a variety of dark-themed prints such as skulls and animals, as well as darker styles such as punk and gothic. We can help you expand your clothing line with a distinctive look. Of course, we also offer knit products like t-shirts and sweatshirts. Each garment is crafted with care and attention to detail to ensure a perfect fit and personalized touch. Our bespoke service will add to your closet and your imagination will be our only limit.
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Custom Dark Style Shirts


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Custom Dark Style Hoodie


Turning Ideas into Realities

Turn your vision into streetwear reality! Customize every stitch, color, and graphic to make your mark. Stand out from the crowd with one-of-a-kind apparel that reflects your unique style. From bold graphics to subtle details, we bring your creative dreams to life. Get ready to wear your ideas proudly on the streets.

Professional DesignerPaid Consultation

For Different Brands Provide Different Kinds of Cooperation

Streetwear Manufacturer for Startup Brands

For Startup Streetwear Brands

Startup brands usually have to deal with everything from marketing to design, which can be a huge headache. This makes it especially important to choose a streetwear manufacturer that is reliable and offers low MOQs.
Startups can produce unrivaled streetwear when they partner with Touches Dark. Our tailored solutions, flexible supply chain and commitment to excellence will propel your brand forward. Our tailored solutions, flexible supply chain and commitment to excellence propel your brand forward.

The Process of Partnering with a Start-up Brand is as Follows:

  • Initial Contact & Needs Understanding
  • Design Confirmation
  • Quotation & Contract Signing
  • Sample Production & Confirmation
  • Mass Production & Quality Control
  • Delivery &  After-sales Service

As an emerging brand, Touches Dark embraces the essence of customer feedback and constantly improves our products to stay ahead of the curve. We prioritize keeping up with market changes and sharing our latest product advancements to meet the ever-changing needs of our customers.

For Established Streetwear Brands

Established fashion brands need a reliable streetwear manufacturer that guarantees quality, scalability, and flexibility. Touches Dark offers tailored solutions, a strong supply chain, and a commitment to excellence. Our expertise in material sourcing, production techniques, and craftsmanship ensures that every product exceeds expectations. Partner with us to elevate your brand and maintain a competitive edge in the dynamic streetwear market.

The Process of Partnering with a Brand is as Follows:

  • Initial Consultation
  • Select Service & Request a Reference Quote
  • Design & Sample Development
  • Contract Signing & Confidentiality Agreement
  • Delivery & Payment
  • After-sales Service

Touches Dark has its own design team, garment factories and a strong and stable supply chain management system to ensure the best possible design solutions and quality streetwear for the start-up brand. Let us energize your brand.

High-Quality Dark Streetwear Manufacturer
Streetwear Manufacturer for Startup Brands

For Local Wholesalers, Online Retailers and Regional Chains

Uncover Touches Dark—your top custom streetwear maker. Skilled in woven & knit fabrics, we excel in bespoke, ready-stock, & semi-custom solutions. Perfect for wholesalers, online retailers, & chains seeking bulk, trends, & quality. Partner with our 17-year craft & 11-year export expertise for fashion-forward designs that amplify your brand.

The process for local wholesalers, online retailers and regional chains to work with Touches Dark is as follows:

  • Initial Communication & Needs Analysis
  • Determine the Type of Service
  • Sample Provision & Approval
  • Contract Signing & Advance Payment
  • Production Monitoring & Quality Control
  • Logistics Arrangement & Delivery

As a rising star in the streetwear scene, Touches Dark is deeply rooted in the principle of listening to our customers. We believe that your insights are the lifeblood of our innovation, driving us to refine our offerings and stay ahead of the curve. Our team is dedicated to staying attuned to market dynamics, ensuring that we share the most relevant and cutting-edge designs with you. Whether you're a local wholesaler, online retailer, or part of a regional chain, rest assured that Touches Dark is committed to evolving with your needs, delivering products that resonate with today's fashion-conscious consumer.

Why Choose Touches Dark?

Touches Dark Pattern Design Capability

1. Superior Design Capabilities

  • Professional Trend Design Team

  • Digitized Design Capabilities

  • Diverse Design Styles

  • Fast Sample, Jacket Samples in 7 days

  • 60 New Designs Monthly.

  • Accurately Restored Design

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2. Reliable & Robust Manufacturing Capabilities

  • Over 160,000 PCS Per Month

  • Over 10 Years of Stable Supplier Relationships

  • Three quality checks, including Third-Party Options

  • Sustainable Production Practice

  • Advanced Production Equipment

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Custom Factory
Professional DesignerPaid Consultation

3. Professional Service and After-Sales Team

  • Inquiry Replies Within 24 hours.

  • Providing Transparent Production Scheduling Plans.

  • Quick Resolution of Disputes Within 2 Days

  • Provide 100% Inspection Service & Third-Party Inspection Service.

  • Fast Logistics Service

  • Sign A Confidentiality Agreement

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Certified Quality Products

Global Recycled Standard


Let's Talk & Ask Anything

Touches Dark streetwear manufacturer has been in the garment manufacturing business for 17 years, during this time we have encountered many questions, here we answer the questions that our customers often care about before closing a deal.
  • Is It Possible To Visit Our Garment Factory Onsite?
    Absolutely, we warmly welcome customers to schedule a visit to our factory for an in-person inspection of our facilities. Should you be unable to travel to China at this time, we are also available for virtual tours via video conferencing. We are committed to providing you with a comprehensive understanding of our operations and manufacturing processes.
  • What is your minimum order quantity?

    For OEM/ODM Custom and Private Customization, the minimum order quantity is 200 pieces. The minimum order quantity for Celebrity Personalization will be determined based on your specific requirements. However, for Low MOQ Customization and Flexible Customization, the MOQ is 50 pieces.

  • Can I add a logo to the clothing?
    If the product is ready-to-wear, you cannot add a logo to it. However, if you require customized logos, you can opt for our custom logo service, which requires a minimum of 100 pieces per design per color.

    We also offer Low MOQ Customization and Flexible Customization. These two customization services allow you to add the desired embellishments to our existing colors and sizes. The minimum order quantity is 50 pieces, which is beneficial for new customers who require smaller quantities.
  • What are your payment terms?
    We offer various payment methods including Trade Assurance Payment, credit card, electronic check, T/T (bank transfer), Pay Later, online banking, and Western Union .

  • Do you provide samples before placing an order?

    Yes, you can request samples from us to confirm the quality before placing a bulk order. You can find more information about our sample manufacturing process on the sample page of our website.

  • Can you customize my slogan bags?
    We can customize your shipping packaging, with a minimum order quantity of 50 pieces. Additionally, we can create custom packages under your brand and include your slogan on them.

  • How Do I Secure My Design Solution?
    To ensure the security of our clients' design proposals, we therefore follow the industry's basic code of conduct, and our clients can sign a non-disclosure agreement with us to ensure that their designs are not infringed upon.
  • Can I customize products different from those in the catalog?
    Yes, customization is one of our professional services. As a professional manufacturer of dark streetwear, we can meet your customization needs. We have a professional design team and a perfect supporting production supply chain.

    If you already have your clothing brand, then we can design and develop your products according to your technical package and product ID, material, style, size, color, and budget.
    If you don't have a specific design plan for the moment and only have a concept, you can provide us with your favorite benchmark websites or products and we will design the products you need based on those.

Cooperate with Touches Dark's

"Extremely Fast Customization, Quality Choice!"

We Will Provide a One-stop Custom Production Service!

1-Day Fast Sampling: We understand how important time is to you, so we offer 1-day fast sampling service. In just one day, you will receive a sample of our customized streetwear, allowing you to quickly preview the results and ensure that your expectations are met.

Strict Quality Inspection: Quality is our lifeline. Each customized streetwear will go through a strict quality inspection, from fabric selection, and craftsmanship to finished product inspection, we strive for excellence in every aspect to ensure that each streetwear we provide you with meets high-quality standards.

Professional Design Team: We have a professional design team with rich design experience and innovative thinking. No matter what kind of design style you want, they can personalize the design according to your needs, so that your streetwear is full of personality and charm.

Professional Business Team: Our business team has rich industry experience and professional knowledge, they will provide you with professional consultation and service throughout the whole process. From the demand analysis before customization to the follow-up of after-sales service, they will provide you with the most intimate help to ensure your customization experience is pleasant and smooth.

Touches Dark's Cooperate

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