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Brand Mission

Fashion is a language, a way to express oneself and interpret individuality. On our custom dark fashion T-shirt website, you can find unique original designs and highly personalized products that make your design your personal signature. We believe that everyone should present themselves with their true posture and ideas. Touches Dark offers various customization options to make your brand and logo design a medium for showcasing your unique personality and fashion taste.

Dark Style Clothing Brand Story

I am Sina, the founder of Touches Dark. I am a girl from rural Hubei with the courage and determination to pursue my dreams. I have always had a passion for the fashion industry and a desire to help those who want to express their individuality and unique style through their clothing. This is the original intention behind the founding of Touches Dark.

My entrepreneurial journey has not been easy, but I have never given up. I have learned how to stay resilient and persistent in the face of challenges and difficulties, which has become the key to my success. I have been fortunate to work with many top brands, which has allowed me to gain insights into the key factors and secrets of success in the streetwear industry.

About TouchesDark

Even before the establishment of Touches Dark in 2013, we started Rainbow Touches from a small 300-square-meter workshop. The name originated from my Chinese name, hongxia, which translates to "Rainbow" In English. I added "Touches" To the name, which means "Touching the rainbow" And symbolizes the colorful fashion industry. With the addition of some rainbow power foreign trade and clothing enthusiasts over the past seven years, we have been helping some start-up design companies, niche brands, and importers to provide OEM customization successfully. As a result of our customers' success, we have expanded from a small 300-square-meter factory to a 5,000-square-meter plant in Dongguan, Guangdong, China, and a 3,600-square-meter plant in Yingcheng, Hubei, China. Since 2013, the company has been in a steady development period and has achieved the team's and customers' mutual growth.

However, the COVID-19 pandemic from 2020 to 2022 brought unprecedented challenges to all of us. At this difficult time, my team and I began to reflect on our mission and values. We realized that we needed to focus on our areas of expertise and provide the best custom dark streetwear t-shirt service. This is where Touches Dark was born.

RainbowTouches and TouchesDark

Touches Dark is our dark streetwear clothing sub-brand, dedicated to providing customers with the highest quality, unique, and avant-garde dark-style designs. Our team of designers constantly explores new and innovative ideas and trends, hoping to provide our customers with distinctive personalized solutions.

We also place great emphasis on customer experience and service. Our staff will provide full-process services to each customer with the most enthusiastic and professional attitude. We hope that through our service and quality, every customer can feel our professionalism and thoughtfulness.

We also collaborate with top-notch fashion designers around the world who bring fresh, unique, and stylish designs to help us meet the needs and preferences of different customers. We believe that only by working with the best talents can we drive innovation in our trendy design and clothing customization field.

TouchesDark Philosophy
Our brand philosophy is "Shine In The Dark!", which means "Don't let any difficulties or obstacles stop your footsteps. Let us become the brightest star in the night sky together, shining our own light!" We hope this philosophy can inspire each of our customers and provide sustained motivation and support for us. We believe that by constantly exploring, pursuing innovation, and persevering, we can become the best streetwear custom factory in China, providing the best products and services for our brand owners, wholesalers, importers, fashion designers, artists, musicians, and streetwear enthusiasts.As a dreamer and entrepreneur who is passionate about streetwear, I look forward to growing and developing with Touches Dark in the future. We will continue to drive innovation and change in the streetwear industry and bring more surprises and satisfaction to each of our customers through our designs and services.

PRIVATE LABEL | Touches Dark

Original Dark Style T-Shirt Brand China Manufacturer

Touches Dark is the dark fashion series brand of Rainbow Touches. We have manufacturing factories and divisions in Hubei and Guangdong. As an integrated manufacturing and trading company, we specialize in knitted and woven products. Our team is dedicated to providing you with the most professional customization services. If you want to create your own dark fashion brand, you can choose to collaborate with us!Contact US NOW

We Are a Cohesive Team

We regularly organize internal training to enhance the professional skills of our employees, providing them with the necessary knowledge and expertise to deliver more professional services to our clients and partners.

Clothing Factory Activities
Dongguan FactoryDongguan Supplier

We also regularly organize outdoor team-building activities to foster cooperation, communication, and trust among team members. These activities aim to enhance team cohesion, collaboration skills, and the ability to face challenges and solve problems together. They also help stimulate employees' innovative thinking and problem-solving abilities. These activities contribute to relaxation, stress reduction, and overall improvement in both the efficiency and job satisfaction of our employees.

China Supplier
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Holiday Blessing

Our team often celebrates Chinese festivals through various activities

  • The employees of Rainbowtouches and Touches Dark clothing manufacturers will express their blessings to customers through videos. We will shoot some videos to show the customer team culture and Chinese culture every time during festivals.

    We have always put customers first, which is also our corporate culture. We realize how important it is to communicate with customers. If you are also interested in Chinese festivals, you can also learn more about our company culture through us.

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Customer Evaluation

Visit Our Trendy Clothing Showroom

This is our men's and women's showroom, where fashion and creativity converge. It showcases the latest fashion trends and designs, serving as a hub for our designers' innovative ideas. Here, you'll find boundless inspiration and a wide range of choices, displaying our company's unique clothing designs and brand story.You can experience the fusion of creativity and quality here, as well as the passion for personalized fashion. We showcase diverse clothing collections, ranging from classic to dark, from minimalistic to luxurious, catering to the customization needs of different clients. We invite you to join us in exploring the endless possibilities of fashion!
Clothing Exhibition
Live broadcast room
Clothing Live

We Participate in International Fashion Clothing Exhibitions

Touches Dark and Rainbow Touches also regularly participate in international trade shows! As a brand leading the fashion trends, we are honored to showcase our designs and creativity to a global audience. These exhibitions feature our unique clothing collections and innovative design concepts, presenting our brand strength, brand story, and values to the world.

As our brand continues to grow, we will participate in more international trade shows. If there is an exhibition happening in your city, we invite you to visit our exhibition booth and personally experience our original design capabilities and unique dark style. It will be an opportunity to have face-to-face interactions with our team, where we will showcase our original creativity, customization abilities, team expertise, and product quality assurance. This is an excellent chance for you to get a closer look at our brand. We eagerly look forward to your visit, sharing our passion for fashion, And providing you with private custom and customization services!

Magic Fashion Show

Magic Fashion Show

London Fashion Show

London Fashion Show

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Paris Fashion Show

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Berlin Fashion Show

Toronto Fashion Show

Toronto Fashion Show

Sydney Fashion Show

Sydney Fashion Show

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From concept to ready-to-wear, we specialize in full customization, offering personalized clothing manufacturing services to bring your unique vision to life.

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