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We have prepared a wide range of mid to high-end fabrics for your dark t-shirt, and of course, you are free to choose.
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Custom Dark Style T-Shirt Fabric

Using our exclusive range of high-quality dark-themed fabrics, your customized t-shirt creation will be unique and stand out! Our ingenious collection of products is tailored to meet the diverse, personalized, and sophisticated needs of the mid-to-high-end market for the discerning manufacturer with exceptional taste. From luxurious textures to glamorous designs, our fabrics have been carefully selected to bring your dark-themed garments to life and make them shine. Let your creations flourish on dark-themed fabrics, revealing unique personalities, exceptional taste, and endless innovation!

Discover the perfect fabric for your unique creations and unlock endless possibilities in custom apparel.

Plain Weave Fabric T-Shirts

Plain weave fabric is one of the simplest fabric structures, typically woven with intersecting weft and warp threads. It has soft, breathable, and comfortable characteristics and is easy to process and dye. Due to its simple structure and production process, plain weave fabric is often one of the more economical fabrics.
  • Strong abrasion resistance:The density of plain weave fabric is high because the warp and weft threads are interwoven in parallel, so the fibers are tightly intertwined, making it resistant to wear and tear.
  • Good breathability:Plain weave fabric has relatively large fiber gaps, making it well ventilated and breathable, not making the skin feel damp, and providing a high degree of comfort.
  • Easy to dye: Plainweave fabric has good dyeing effects with high color saturation and natural color gradient effects.
  • Comfortable texture:Plain weave fabric has a soft and comfortable texture, with good drape and texture, suitable for making close-fitting clothing.
  • Easy to process:Due to the simple structure of plain weave fabric, it is not easily deformed or wrinkled, making it easy to cut, sew, and process.
Plain Weave Fabric
Plain Weave Fabric T-shirt

Plain cotton can be used to make many types of T-shirts. Due to its fine texture, soft hand feel, and good breathability, Touches Dark's dark series T-shirts often use plain weave fabric to make slim-fit short-sleeved T-shirts. With the use of washing techniques, along with different dyeing and printing technologies such as heat transfer and direct printing, a variety of colors and patterns are created, which are very suitable for the special texture, complex patterns, and unique color combinations of dark series clothing, enhancing the design and uniqueness of the clothing.

Mercerized Cotton T-Shirts

Mercerized cotton is a commonly used fabric, usually made of a blend of cotton and synthetic silk. It is known for its soft and smooth texture, as well as its breathability, and is widely used in clothing, bedding, and other fields.
  • It has a lustrous appearance, soft texture, smooth feel, and high comfort.
  • The fabric is durable, wash-resistant, colorfast, and long-lasting.
  • It has a certain degree of breathability and moisture absorption, making people feel cool and comfortable.
  • The surface is smooth, easy to manage, and easy to clean and maintain.

Mercerized cotton is often used in the design of clothing such as shirts, dresses, and skirts due to its high comfort, soft feel, slight sheen, and easy cleaning characteristics, making it one of the popular fabrics in the fashion industry.

Mercerized Cotton
Mercerized Cotton T-Shirts

Touches Dark designers love using silk cotton fabric, which is known for its good breathability, moisture absorption, and thermal insulation. Its soft and comfortable texture makes it suitable for slim-fit T-shirt styles, providing a comfortable wearing experience for the wearer. In the customization process of our dark series, silk cotton fabric can be dyed to highlight the silk and metallic luster effect of the clothes, which makes our products more distinctiveness and designed aesthetic.

Cotton Jersey T-Shirts

Cotton Jersey is a fabric made from 100% cotton fibers using a plain weave. It is a soft, lightweight, and breathable fabric that is commonly used to make T-shirts, jersey shirts, sportswear, and casual clothing.
  • High comfort:The softness and lightweight of Cotton Jersey make it very comfortable, even when worn in hot weather.
  • Good breathability:Since Cotton Jersey is made of pure cotton, it has excellent breathability, which can keep the wearer dry and comfortable.
  • Strong durability:The weaving method and cotton fiber of Cotton Jersey make it very durable, even after multiple wearings and washings, it can maintain its shape and color brightness.
  • Easy care:Cotton Jersey can be washed and dried at home without requiring special care and cleaning methods, which is very convenient.

Good moisture absorption and sweat wicking, making it a common material for sportswear.

Cotton Jersey
Cotton Jersey T-Shirts

Cotton Jersey is a relatively thick fabric, suitable for making fitted and non-deformable T-shirt styles. It is often used in sports and leisure, street fashion, and other fields, and is also very suitable for our custom-made dark series clothing. The breathable and moisture-wicking properties of the fabric make it comfortable and dry for wearers during exercise, sweating, and other situations, which is an important reason why it is widely used in our products. It can be used as a single item or combined with other materials and dark elements to create diverse dark series clothing, reflecting the unique design sense and style of the Touches Dark brand.

Modal Cotton T-Shirts

Modal Cotton is a type of artificial cellulose fiber made from natural cellulose materials such as wood pulp or bamboo. Here are the advantages and characteristics of Modal:
  • Soft and comfortable:Modal fiber is very soft and comfortable, with a texture similar to cotton fabric, making it ideal for making close-fitting underwear and home wear.
  • High moisture absorption:Modal fiber has stronger moisture absorption than cotton fabric, quickly absorbing sweat from the body, keeping the skin dry and comfortable.
  • Good abrasion resistance:Compared to cotton fabric, Modal fiber has better abrasion resistance and durability, and is less prone to wear and pilling.
  • Easy care:Modal fiber is easy to wash and maintain, and is not easily deformed or discolored even after multiple washings.
  • Environmentally sustainable:The raw material for Modal fiber comes from natural cellulose materials, and the manufacturing process uses fewer chemicals than other synthetic fibers, making it an environmentally sustainable choice.
Modal Cotton
Modal Cotton T-Shirts

Modal fabric is a type of natural fiber fabric. Its fibers are soft and delicate, with a comfortable hand feel, good durability and dyeing properties. Due to its excellent softness and comfort, it is suitable for making fitted and slim-fitting styles in dark clothing, and wearers can feel good moisture absorption and breathability, even in hot environments, they can still maintain a dry and comfortable state. In the customization of dark clothing, dark design elements such as preference for black, silver, metallic texture, etc. can be combined with dyeing and printing techniques to create various patterns and details, such as blurring, holes, ink stains, etc., to achieve the desired customization effect.

Odell Cotton T-Shirts

Odell is an eco-friendly fabric that has a soft cotton-like feel and also has a slimming effect. The fabric is woven in a popular mesh structure, which gives it higher plasticity and resilience than other blended fabrics. Odell combines the softness of cotton with the smooth shine of silk, providing moisture absorption and perspiration wicking properties of cotton, as well as the soft and smooth texture, breathability, and draping properties of silk. Its unique blend of materials results in a lightweight, silky texture that does not shrink or wrinkle easily, unlike conventional cotton blends. Odell fabric is easy to wash and quick to dry, meeting modern people's demand for wrinkle-free, wash-and-wear convenience in clothing.

Odell Cotton
Odell Cotton T-Shirts

Odell fabric is relatively breathable, soft, and has a comfortable hand feel. It does not produce static electricity and will not cause excessive friction or irritation to the skin, making it suitable for making close-fitting dark clothing such as T-shirts and vests.

The strength and durability of Odell fabric are relatively high, and even after frequent wear and washing, it is not prone to pilling, wrinkling, or abrasion. This makes Odell fabric a good choice for creating long-lasting and innovative dark clothing styles. Our factory often tests samples during the manufacturing process, and the use of detergent during machine washing does not affect the texture and color of the fabric. These features make Odell fabric an ideal choice for our original dark garments collection design.

Japanese Cotton T-Shirts

Japanese cotton refers to cotton yarn or fabric made from Japanese long-staple cotton, which is known for its softness, skin-friendliness, breathability, and moisture absorption. Japanese cotton is a high-quality and high-comfort fabric, suitable for making high-end and comfortable clothing.
  • Softness:Japanese cotton uses long-staple cotton, which has longer fibers and is therefore softer and more comfortable to the touch.
  • Skin-friedliness:Japanese cotton fibers are delicate and soft, which makes them less likely to irritate the skin and very suitable for close-fitting wear, and they are not prone to static electricity.
  • Breathabiity:Japanese cotton has good breathability, which can keep the body dry and comfortable, making it suitable for summer wear.
  • Moisture bsorption:Japanese cotton has good moisture absorption, which can absorb sweat from the surface of the skin and keep people dry.
  • Durabilit:Japanese cotton is soft and comfortable to wear, but also has good durability and can withstand repeated washing without deformation.
  • Stability:The production process of Japanese cotton is fine and the fiber quality is stable, ensuring the stability of product quality.
japanese cotton fabric
Clothing Manufacturing

Japanese cotton fabric is well known for its high-quality fiber and processing technology. Its advantages and characteristics include high elasticity, durability, and softness, while also having good moisture absorption and breathability. These characteristics make Japanese cotton fabric one of the favored fabrics by Touches Dark clothing designers.

In our design style, Japanese cotton fabric is often used to make loose fit short-sleeved and long-sleeved T-shirts. These products require comfort and durability while maintaining a good appearance because Japanese cotton fabric not only has a soft touch but also maintains a good texture after dyeing and printing. In addition, Japanese cotton fabric usually comes in multiple colors and textures to choose from, making it very suitable for making single items with multiple color combinations in dark fashion clothing, adding depth and layering to the entire series.

Organic Cotton T-Shirts

Organic cotton is a type of cotton that is grown using organic farming methods without the use of chemical pesticides and synthetic fertilizers. It is grown using natural farming techniques and is certified organic. It is an environmentally friendly and healthy fabric that does not contain any chemical substances, which makes it suitable for human health and environmental protection, and can effectively avoid harm to the environment and human health. Special treatment is also required during the production process of organic cotton fabrics to ensure that they maintain their natural and environmentally friendly characteristics.
  • Health and environmental protection:Organic cotton fabrics have no chemical additives and are pollution-free for both humans and the environment, making them suitable for babies and sensitive populations.
  • Comfort and breathability:Organic cotton fabrics are soft, comfortable, and breathable, making them comfortable to wear.
  • Durable and colorfast:Organic cotton fibers are strong, durable, do not pill easily, and are not prone to fading.
  • Diverse styles:Organic cotton fabrics can be made into various styles of clothing and are suitable for various occasions.
Organic Cotton
Organic Cotton T-Shirts

In the global fashion industry, environmental awareness is becoming increasingly important. As a dark series T-shirt customization company that values social responsibility, we pay close attention to environmental issues, and therefore many designs in our dark series T-shirts choose to use organic cotton fabrics, bringing more comfortable and environmentally friendly features to our products.

Organic cotton is a natural, non-toxic, and sustainable material that does not contain harmful chemicals. The production process of organic cotton requires less water and fertilizer, which means that we reduce the negative impact on the environment during the production process. At the same time, this type of fabric has excellent durability and softness. Organic cotton fibers are strong and durable, and they are not prone to pilling and fading.

Choosing organic cotton fabric is also a way for us to contribute to society and the environment. We hope that through our efforts, we can not only provide customers with more choices of customized special fabrics but also promote global environmental protection and sustainable development, making our world a better place.

Suede T-Shirts

The material of suede belongs to the pile fabric, which is processed by the pile machine on the basis of mesh fabric. The pile is planted on the surface of the mesh fabric, and it has uniform and full pile. When viewed under the light, it has a similar effect of hair reflection. It has delicate hand feeling and visual feeling, and it is soft with a natural silky texture and better durability.
  • Soft and comfortable:Suede fabric is soft and delicate, with a comfortable hand feel, making it very comfortable to wear.
  • Good warmth retention:The plush weaving of suede fabric allows it to retain heat better, even in cold weather, keeping you warm.
  • Strong moisture absorption:Because suede fabric is made of fibers such as cotton and silk, it has strong moisture absorption and can absorb sweat from the body.
  • Good abrasion resistance:Suede fabric undergoes special weaving and processing, so it has excellent abrasion resistance, making it long-lasting.

Elegant texture: Suede fabric has an elegant texture, making it suitable for making high-end casual wear, home wear, bedding, and more.

Suede T-Shirts
Suede T-Shirts

Suede is a soft and comfortable fabric that is highly popular in the Touches Dark collection due to its fine nap, good warmth retention, and breathability. The unique texture and upscale feel of suede make it suitable for producing medium-length and slim-fit T-shirts that create a sense of layering and texture and enhance the garment's design. In our designs, we pay attention to the coordination of suede fabric texture and color to complement our design style. We also prioritize the fabric's comfort and quality in the production process, making our clothing comfortable, durable, and resistant to wear and washing, adhering to our high-quality, high-demand design philosophy for custom-made Touches Dark apparel.

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