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Oversized Fit T-Shirts

The "Oversized Fit" is a common style choice in the dark fashion genre. This fit is characterized by loose and oversized garments, often with long sleeves and a long body design, creating a relaxed and casual visual effect.

Touches Dark utilizes the oversized fit primarily to emphasize the uniqueness and rebelliousness that the dark fashion style seeks. This loose fit creates a carefree and free-spirited atmosphere, providing a comfortable and relaxed feel. Additionally, it adds fluidity and layering to the clothing, making the overall look more rich and interesting.

In the process of designing and manufacturing T-shirts, we use the oversized fit to hide the body's curves and enhance the mysterious and individualistic aspects of the T-shirt. It is suitable for individuals who prefer exaggerated and fuller body types. Especially in the dark fashion style, when combined with techniques such as printing, it creates a cool, voluminous, and visually striking effect.

T-shirts with an oversized fit in the dark fashion style can create a unique atmosphere of looseness, relaxation, and casualness, highlighting individuality and a sense of rebellion, giving a cool and distinctive impression.

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Boxy Fit T-Shirts

The "Boxy Fit" is a commonly used style in the dark fashion genre. This fit is characterized by loose and slightly square-shaped garments, with the width of the shoulders and body being similar, creating a square, minimalist, and powerful visual effect.

The primary reason for choosing the Boxy Fit is to emphasize the ruggedness and simplicity that the dark fashion style pursues. This loose fit creates a sense of stability and power, giving an image of strength and unwavering presence. Additionally, it adds a sense of space and structure to the clothing, making the overall look more dignified and stable.

When creating the dark fashion T-shirt collection, the designers at Touches Dark use the boxy fit to accentuate the lines of the T-shirt and showcase the texture of the fabric, emphasizing the structure and three-dimensionality of the garment. It is suitable for individuals who prefer a minimalist yet distinctive style, especially in the dark fashion genre, where it presents a visual effect of resilience and stability, highlighting a style that is composed and disciplined.

In summary, T-shirts with a boxy fit can create a square, minimalist, and powerful atmosphere in the dark fashion style, highlighting the sense of ruggedness and simplicity, giving a feeling of stability and uniqueness. This fit emphasizes the structure and texture of the clothing, showcasing personality and individual style, adding a unique charm to dark fashion T-shirts.

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Fitted T-Shirts

In custom-made clothing T-shirts, the "Fitted" is characterized by a close fit and contouring that aligns with the body's lines, showcasing the curves and contours of the body.

The main reason for choosing the Fitted is to emphasize the body's lines and contours, showcasing a slim and captivating image. This fit clings to the body, highlighting the advantages of one's physique and making them appear slimmer and more energetic. Additionally, it creates a sense of refinement and fashion, making it suitable for individuals who value personal image and have a taste for fashion.

In Touches Dark's original dark T-shirts, we complement the Fitted fit with color palettes and printing/embroidery techniques to highlight the unique line texture of this fit, making the overall look more refined. It is suitable for those who like to showcase their physique and sense of fashion. In our dark fashion style, it is widely favored by women, for example, with cropped tops that are washed and dyed. They can present a slender waistline and a sexy figure, highlighting a sense of individuality and confidence.

Using T-shirts with a Fitted can showcase slim and captivating body lines in the dark fashion style, highlighting personal charm and fashion taste. This fit emphasizes the details and texture of the clothing, showcasing a sense of refinement and fashion. If you want to showcase your perfect physique, then the Fitted fit is your best choice!

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Slim Fit T-Shirts

Slim Fit is a popular and highly favored choice in custom-made clothing T-shirts. This fit is characterized by a close fit to the body, but slightly tighter compared to the Fitted fit, creating a slim and fitted effect.

The main reason for choosing the Slim Fit is to showcase the body's lines and curves and emphasize one's physique. This fit hugs the body without being overly tight, allowing for the advantages of body contours to be showcased while maintaining a certain level of comfort.

In Touches Dark, the designers create a modern and sleek silhouette with the Slim Fit, allowing it to closely conform to the body, accentuating the waist and body curves, and showcasing a more fashionable and refined effect. This close-fitting design shapes the body's lines and curves, resulting in a longer and proportionate overall image. It allows you to exude confidence and a good figure when wearing it, giving the impression of a slimming effect. The outstanding results brought by the Slim Fit make it the first choice for many fitness enthusiasts.

Due to the slim and fitted nature of the Slim Fit, it pairs well with other garments such as jeans, casual pants, and trousers. You can flexibly create various stylish looks based on different occasions and styles.

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Skinny Fit T-Shirts

When you choose the Skinny Fit in the custom T-shirt, here are some of its style characteristics:

Accentuates body lines:The Skinny Fit features a tight-fitting design that hugs the body's curves and contours, resulting in a close fit that accentuates the body's lines and curves. It showcases a slender and slim image, highlighting personal physique and appearance.

Fashion-forward:The Skinny Fit is highly popular in the fashion industry, particularly suitable for individuals who pursue a trendy and fashionable style. It can exhibit a youthful, stylish, and avant-garde image, making the wearer appear highly individualistic.

Youthful vitality:This fit is often favored by young people as it showcases their youthful vitality and healthy image. Whether it's on campus, in the streets, or during social events, the Skinny Fit allows the wearer to exude a youthful, fashionable, and confident image.

Versatile styling:Despite its close-fitting nature, the Skinny Fit offers great versatility in terms of pairing. It can be matched with various bottoms such as jeans, leggings, or long skirts to create different fashion styles, including casual, streetwear, or party looks.

When selecting the Skinny Fit for original creations in Touches Dark, the designers consider it to be a unique and popular choice within the realm of dark fashion T-shirts. It highlights body lines through its tight-fitting design, showcasing a slender and fashionable effect. This fit is suitable for individuals who seek fashion trends, express their personal style, and radiate youthful vitality. Whether for everyday wear or special occasions, the Skinny Fit delivers outstanding results, allowing you to exude charm in the realm of dark fashion.

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Longline T-Shirts

As a striking style, the Longline fit is known for its elongated silhouette, unique fashion appeal, and emphasis on streetwear. Whether you're pursuing a distinctive fashion style or expressing personality and attitude, the Longline fit can bring a unique style and sense of fashion to your dark fashion T-shirts. Whether for everyday wear or special occasions, you can choose the Longline fit to create a distinct charm within the realm of dark fashion.

Elongated silhouette:The Longline fit is renowned for its elongated silhouette. Compared to traditional T-shirt fits, it features a longer length that typically extends to the hips or thighs, enhancing the curves of the waist and hips and creating more appealing body lines. This design provides clothing with more layering and a unique visual effect, visually elongating the body proportions and making the figure appear more slender.

Unique fashion appeal:The Longline fit is highly sought-after in the fashion industry, particularly suitable for individuals who seek a distinctive fashion style. It can bring a unique and avant-garde image to the wearer, highlighting individuality and a sense of fashion.

Emphasis on streetwear:The Longline fit is widely popular in street culture. It can create a streetwear feel, exuding a cool, stylish, and trendy atmosphere for the wearer. The combination of the elongated silhouette with the dark fashion style showcases unique personality and attitude.

Comfort and freedom:Due to its longer design, the Longline fit is usually more relaxed and comfortable. This provides better breathability and freedom of movement, allowing you to feel relaxed and at ease while wearing it.

Diverse pattern display:The longer design of the Longline fit provides greater space for showcasing patterns on custom T-shirts. You can display intricate patterns, logos, or text on the front, side, or back of the garment to highlight brand image or personalized style.

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