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We will provide customized services for all types of apparel according to your needs and create special clothing styles for your brand
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Custom Service Advantages of

Touches Dark's OEM & ODM Clothing Capability

Designer Team

Designer Team

  • The team consists of domestic and international designers.

  • We have an international perspective and adhere to professional design standards.

  • We have a deep cultural understanding.

  • We possess strong design, development, and innovation capabilities.

  • We collaborate with overseas studios and brands.


Production Capacity

  • 2 Factories - located in Guangdong and Hubei.

  • With more than 10 years of export experience and 17 years of manufacturing experience.

  • The monthly production capacity exceeds 160,000 pieces.

  • Efficient operation with over 100 workers.

  • Equipped with complete facilities, including sewing machines, weaving machines, ironing machines, computer cutting machines, and more.

Supply Chain

Supply Chain

  • Proximity to fabric markets and stable suppliers with over 10 years of cooperation.

  • Diverse supply chain options, including washing, tie-dyeing, and printing, to meet various needs.

  • A team of 8 dedicated procurement specialists and efficient procurement management.

  • Stringent production control measures ensure high-quality standards.

  • Swift logistics services for fast and reliable delivery.

Proofing Ability

Proofing Ability

  • CADs/Mock Up can be produced within 24 hours.

  • Quick sampling turnaround of 7 days.

  • Capability to create styles with 2-3 different workmanship within 2 weeks.

  • Custom logo design completed within 3 days.

  • Samples received within 12-25 days.

  • Low defective rate of less than 3%.

  • Various product certification certificates provided, such as SGS, BSCI, etc.

After-Sales Team

Service and After-Sales Team

  • Inquiry replies within 24 hours.

  • 3 inspection procedures conducted during production.

  • Offering 100% inspection services as well as third-party inspection services.

  • Providing transparent production scheduling plans.

  • Quick resolution of disputes within 2 days.

Customization Options

Customization Options

  • OEM/ODM Custom

  • Low MOQ customization For 50 Pcs

  • Flexible customization

  • Private Customization

  • Celebrity Personalization

OEM & ODM Clothing Manufacturing

As someone with their own brand or serving as a clothing procurement manager, you can rely on TOUCHES DARK's OEM custom service to accomplish the following tasks:
 OEM custom

As an OEM custom clothing manufacturer, we provide custom clothing production services. We start from scratch to create garments that reflect your unique designs, rather than offering ready-made styles.

sample custom

We produce samples according to your requirements to ensure they meet your design specifications and quality standards.

Customized sample

We offer a diverse range of fabric and accessory options to help you choose materials that best suit your brand style and needs.

Quick sample

We provide suggestions regarding sustainability to help you develop environmentally friendly and sustainable clothing production plans.

Factory samples

You are welcome to visit our factory and witness firsthand how your products are manufactured. Transparency and trust are fundamental to our collaboration.

Flexible customization

We strictly adhere to delivery deadlines and can also expedite production to meet your urgent delivery requirements.

Picture customization

We ensure efficient communication. Our pre-sales and after-sales team will engage in effective communication with you, thoroughly understanding your needs and requirements.

By relying on an OEM custom clothing manufacturer, you can gain access to professional custom services that meet your unique brand requirements and ensure the delivery of high-quality products.The minimum order quantity is 200 pieces per design per color in any sizes. If your design uses special fabrics that need to be dyed or customized, the MOQ is 500 pieces per design per color in any sizes.
If you still have any doubts or questions after reviewing the above information, please feel free to contact us. Our customer representatives will provide detailed explanations and address your concerns. If you have a clear understanding, we invite you to proceed with further reading.Contact NOW

Comprehensive Clothing Customization Services

At Touches Dark, we masterfully curate a collection steeped in dark elegance. Our jackets, tailored with precision and aged to perfection, radiate edgy sophistication. Shirts, a fusion of classic cuts and dark hues, exude confident poise. Sweaters, soft and enveloping, offer a stylish respite in cooler climes, while tees, emblazoned with bold prints or cloaked in solid blacks, serve as canvases for self-expression. Each garment, from the structured jacket to the minimalist tee, embodies our commitment to merging quality with the dark aesthetic that defines us. Experience the harmony of darkness and luxury, where every piece tells a story of style and individuality.
Touches Dark Clothing Catalogue

How to Customize Clothes

Instead of buying off-the-shelf apparel from a wholesaler, you want to customize it through an OEM apparel manufacturer. This is because you have special requirements for your customized apparel, such as different needs for accessories, zippers, sizes, fabric weights, etc. Touches Dark streetwear manufacturer will provide you with the service you need, we have a comprehensive database of customized apparel requirements, and you can use this information and data to customize your apparel products (including t-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, jackets, and other streetwear).
tech packs

Tech Pack Document Pictures Required For Customized Clothing

Make Clothing from Tech Packs

OEM customized garments usually require you to provide detailed requirements such as designs, samples, or specifications, and then we print the prints you provide on the manufactured garments.

Touches Dark streetwear manufacturer has a wealth of production experience, and the wide range of clothing categories we produce makes us less reliant on templates or samples. Although we do not need a technical package from our customers to produce the apparel products they need, we still need a technical package or other information to make and send samples.

Customization requirements

Tech Pack Document Pictures Required For Customized Clothing

What is a Tech Pack?

The tech pack is a method and fabric details. A tech pack is essential for clothing custom factories as it contains all the details and requirements specified by the client. It provides guidance and reference for production, ensuring product quality and customer satisfaction. documents or set of drawings that include detailed information such as manufacturing processes, size specifications, sewing

Custom Content
Size and Specifications: The tech pack includes the size and specifications of the garment, such as collar size, sleeve length, and pant leg length, which are crucial for determining the comfort and fit of the clothing.
Custom Document
Sewing Methods and Techniques:The tech pack provides detailed instructions on sewing methods and processes, such as thread color, thickness, and strength, which are important factors in ensuring product quality.
Clothing Customization
Fabric Selection and Quantity: The tech pack guides the selection and quantity of fabrics so that the factory can purchase and use the correct fabrics according to the client's requirements, resulting in garments that meet the specifications.
Custom T-Shirt
Quality Requirements: The tech pack also includes quality requirements, such as yarn quality, stitch density, ironing level, etc., which help the factory understand the client's requirements and standards, ensuring that the products meet the specified criteria.
T-shirt Manufacturing
Product Consistency: The tech pack ensures that all products are manufactured according to the same specifications, sizes, and quality standards, ensuring consistency and stability in product quality.
Ideally, you will send us a detailed technical package file. However, if you don't have a tech pack, you can also provide us with clear product images of similar garments you need for reference. High-quality images and detailed descriptions will allow us to better understand your customization needs. It's okay if you don't have the size of the garment, we will provide a variety of garment sizes for you to choose from to help you better provide quality garments to your target audience.If you don't have a tech pack and would like to obtain designs, samples, and specifications from us, as most of our products are custom-made, you can consider our other services such as Low MOQ Custom, Flexible Customization, Private Label Customization, or Celebrity Customization. You can reach out to us by sending an email (contact us) or directly contacting our sales team for further collaboration.

OEM Cooperation Process

How to Do OEM Clothing Customization with Us

Initial Consultation

Initial Consultation

You can contact us through phone, email, or online inquiry to initiate the consultation process. During this stage, you can discuss your custom clothing requirements, design concepts, fabric preferences, desired quantity, and more with our team. We will carefully listen to your needs and provide professional advice and suggestions.

Feel free to introduce yourself and your brand, giving us sufficient details about your vision and brand characteristics. Share as many details as possible. If there are specific designs you want for your clothing, emphasize their importance to ensure we pay close attention to those details.

Sample Development

Select Service and Request a Reference Quote

Before the sample design and production stage, it's important to determine the type of service you require, such as flexible customization, OEM/ODM, private label customization, etc. Based on your requirements, we will design and provide a quotation. Our pricing is determined by factors such as your custom quantity, complexity of craftsmanship, fabric and accessory choices, etc. We generally provide suitable pricing options for you to choose from. Our pricing is transparent, and you can refer to our price explanation. We also ensure that you can achieve the desired profit margin on your project.

Select Service

Design and Sample Development

During the product design stage, you can showcase the type of clothing you want to produce. With over 10 years of clothing manufacturing experience, Touches Dark can provide you with some customer collaboration cases for reference. Once your requirements are finalized, our design team will start creating your clothing design. Throughout this process, we will engage in continuous communication and adjustments to ensure the design meets your expectations. Once the sample manufacturing is complete, we will send the samples to you for confirmation of the final outcome and detailed review.

Original T-shirt manufacturing

Contract Signing and Confidentiality Agreement

Once you are satisfied with the samples, we will confirm the customization details with you and draft a custom contract. The contract will specify fabric selection, size requirements, custom quantity, delivery dates, customization fees, and other important terms and conditions. We can also sign a confidentiality agreement with you to protect your design intellectual property.

Once the custom contract is finalized, our production team will begin manufacturing your custom clothing. We will strictly adhere to quality control processes to ensure that each garment meets the quality standards. Our team will maintain close communication with you and provide you with regular updates on the latest production progress.


Delivery and Payment

Upon completion of all custom clothing, we will conduct a final quality inspection and contact you to arrange the details of delivery and payment, including packaging, shipping, import/export duties, etc.

We offer global logistics services to ensure the safe delivery of your custom clothing to your specified location. Alternatively, you can arrange shipment of your custom products through your own third-party freight forwarder.

Start Customizing

Quick Customizable Design of Dark Style Streetwear Line

From concept to ready-to-wear, we specialize in full customization, offering personalized clothing manufacturing services to bring your unique vision to life.

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