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Jacketas one of the designers and co-founders of Touches Dark clothing company, is our most valuable asset. His unique insights into design, keen sense of fashion, and pursuit of quality are important factors that contribute to the success of our brand.

Our designer's origins lie in a young person with a passion for fashion. When he was young, he pursued his unique style of fashion and always chose different clothing to show his personality at school. He was enthusiastic about understanding the trends and was deeply influenced by the hip-hop culture of the time. In his mind, fashion is a way of expressing oneself, a space for free creation.


His interests and passions eventually led him to choose to enter the fashion industry. He embarked on a journey of struggle, from learning basic knowledge to working in some fashion brands and constantly accumulating experience. These experiences helped him to have a deeper understanding of the fashion industry and led him to join our brand.

At our company, our designers are our pride. They are constantly innovating and experimenting, always striving to bring the best designs and quality to our customers. They study fashion trends while also drawing inspiration from their own creative ideas, constantly trying new styles and design elements. They are very strict when it comes to selecting fabrics, aiming to achieve the highest quality standards for every product.

Our designers are inspired by fashion and art, and their design style is unique and original while also incorporating current popular elements. Their creativity and imagination always bring surprises and amazement. We are very proud to work with these outstanding designers. They are not only our partners but also the key to our brand's success.


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